SATU – Urban Rail System

Location: Oeiras, Portugal

Client: SATUOeiras

Completed: 2005

Scope of our work: Conceptual design; construction design

Contractor: Teixeira Duarte, S.A.


SATUOeiras is a light public transportation system that connects two main rail lines connecting Lisbon to its suburbs. The whole project, with a total length of about 10km, is divided into four phases. The first one (1200m) is in service since June 2004, the second one (1200m) is already designed and to be built, being the other two in study.

The first two phases of the system have five stations and four connecting viaducts. The viaducts (with spans with 30m to 35m) were mainly built with precast elements, in order to achieve a short construction time, with low interference with the surroundings. However, the stations were cast in place, as they have a complex geometry.